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School-Age Classes
Recreational Classes)

School-age, or Recreational classes range in time from 55 minutes to 85 minutes in length,

one day per week.   There are both boys and girls classes for gymnasts ages 6 - 14. 

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Girls Beginner

Ages 6 - 14 / Girls Only / 55 minutes

Gymnasts learn basic skills, terminology, and are introduced to the 4 events of girl's gymnastics - vault, bars, beam, and floor.  Each week gymnasts will work on 2 or 3 of the events while also using the trampoline for body control and fun.  Beginners will learn the basics - how to roll safely, go upside down, cartwheels, etc.  Beginning strength training will also be introduced.  

Girls Intermediate

**Invitation Only Class**
Ages 6 - 14 / Girls Only / 85 minutes

Gymnasts will learn the next progression of skills on all 4 events.  Strength training, flexibility, and learning the correct body alignments will be stressed thoroughly in this class.  Gymnasts will work on 3 or 4 events each week but there will still be an emphasis on fun with trampoline or tumble track time in every class.

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Girls Advanced

**Invitation Only Class**
Ages 6 - 14 / Girls Only / 85 minutes

Gymnasts will continue to learn skills and drills imperative for their advancement towards our team levels, as well as fine-tune technique and form.  Strength and flexibility training will increase in this class.  This is the last step in our regular developmental program before they reach our pre-team level.

Girls Advanced Plus 

**Invitation Only Class**
Ages 6 - 14 / Girls Only / 85 minutes

This Advanced Plus class is unique to Agility Gymnastics as we are the only facility that offers this opportunity for gymnasts in the surrounding area.  This class is for "team-ready" gymnasts who do not wish to join a competitive team.  Gymnasts in this class can continue to grow in the sport at their own pace, learning skills equivalent to competitive gymnastics.  All four events are taught, as well as conditioning and flexibility. 

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