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Preschool Classes

Preschool classes range in time from 40 minutes to 75 minutes, one day per week.  These classes use gymnastics apparatus and equipment to focus on movement education.  We work on warming up the body, stretching, safely rolling, motor skill development, and teaching gymnastics fundamentals as the preschooler improves and gains strength and confidence. 



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Ages 18 months - 2 years old / Girls & Boys / 40 minutes

The main areas of focus in the Parent-Child classes are experiencing explorative play as they learn to run, jump, climb, and swing while bonding with their parent.  


Age 3  / Girls & Boys / 40 minutes

The Grasshoppers class is for beginning gymnasts who are 3 years old.  The main areas of focus in the Grasshoppers classes are: movement, following directions from the teacher, learning "gym" vocabulary, and building confidence in the gym.  The goals of the Grasshoppers classes include:  safe landings, rolls, starting to go upside down, balancing on the low beam, 2-foot jumps, and holding on body weight skills.

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Ages 4 -5 / Girls Only / 55 minutes

The Fireflies class is for beginning gymnasts who are 4 - 5 years old.  The main areas of focus in the Fireflies classes are: listening to the teacher, staying with the group, using kind words and manners, showing self-control, and taking turns.  The goals of the Fireflies classes are:  safe landings, rolls, learning to go upside down, jumping, galloping and hopping on one foot. 


**Invitation Only Class**
Ages 3 - 6 / Girls Only / 55 minutes

The main areas of focus in the Ladybugs classes are:  becoming a more independent learner, staying at a station, sequencing, and building confidence with gymnastics fundamentals.

The goals for the Ladybugs classes include: 

Vault - punching the board, stronger handstand shape, stronger run, skipping, single-leg jumps, and shape jumps

Bars - front support, casting, chin holds, and shape hangs

Beam - balanced walks, jumping & kicking, and releve & arabesque holds

Floor - handstand, cartwheel, forward & backward rolls, and bridges

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**Invitation Only Class**
Ages 4 - 6 / Girls Only / 75 minutes



The main areas of focus in the Dragonflies classes are:  working on cleaner technique for basic skills as well as starting and finishing each skill, and conditioning and stretching for strength and flexibility 

The goals for the Dragonflies classes include: 

Vault - handstand tree falls, shaping, and stronger running

Bars - kick-over around the bar, slow back hip circles, and climbing the rope

Beam - working on high beams and starting handstands

Floor - cleaner form, better technique, and starting and finishing each skill


**Invitation Only Class**
Ages 4 - 6 / Girls Only / 75 minutes

The main areas of focus in the Butterflies classes are:  making corrections and working independently at stations.  This level prepares gymnasts to move to pre-team.

The goals for the Butterflies classes include: 

Vault - running drills and acceleration, tight legs and body punching up to a small block, and handstand tree fall while holding strong shape

Bars - 2-foot pullover, slow-spotted back hip circle, candle position understanding and rope climb

Beam - releve walks, holds, pivot turns, dismount, and levers from kneeling postion

Floor - beginning back handsprings, back walkovers, round offs, and front limbers while preparing skill for team routines

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