Recreational Classes

Recreational Gymnastics


Our beginner classes are age specific for Girls 6-9 year olds and 10 and older. The Beginner gymnast learns basic skills such as forward and backward rolls and cartwheels, and introduces them to the gymnastics apparatus, 4 events for girls, 6 events for boys, and use of trampoline for body control and fun. We will begin strength training while having fun in these classes.
(Duration: 55 min class)​

Intermediate (Invite Only)

The intermediate students will learn the next progression of skills on all apparatus. Strength training and learning the correct body alignments will be stressed.


(Duration: 85 min class)

Advanced (Invite Only)

Our Advanced Gymnastics Class is the 3rd level of advancement in our Recreational gymnastics program. In this  85 minute class students will continue to learn skills and drills imperative for their advancement towards our team levels as well as fine-tuning technique and form. Strength and flexibility training will increase in this class.   

Advanced Plus (Invite Only)

Our Advance Plus class is unique to Agility Gymnastics as we are the only facility that offers this opportunity for gymnasts in the surrounding area. This class is for “team-ready” gymnasts who do not wish to join a team. Students in this class can continue to grow in the sport at their own pace learning skills equivalent to competitive gymnastics. All four events are taught as well as conditioning and flexibility.


Agility offers two types of tumbling classes.  We offer a cheer based tumbling class that focuses on all basic and advanced skills required by cheerleading squads.  

We also offer an acro-tumbling class geared for dancers.  This class will focus on tumbling/rolling skills needed for the competitive dancer.

All tumbling classes integrate trampoline, tumble trak, and the main floor.

In House Teams (Pre Team)

Teams: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby (Pre Teams)

Invite Only

The next step up toward the competitive travel team. These teams practices two days per week for 2 hours each day. They begin learning the Level 2 skills, incorporating them into a modified USA Gymnastics Level 1 routine. This level has an increase demand for strength acquisition. They compete in 3-4 low pressure in-house meets per year. Team leotard purchase is required.​

Ages: 5 and up

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