Preschool Classes & Programs

Preschool Classes


18 to 36 month-olds

Girls and Boys experience explorative play as they learn to run, jump, climb, and swing with their parent. A great way to move and bond together! (Duration: 30min)

Jumping Jacks

4 - 5 yrs

Girls and Boys start developing gymnastics skills geared toward improving strength, coordination, sequencing, following direction, self-control in addition to learning that gymnastics is FUN!
(Duration: 55 min)​


This class is for 3 year olds who are ready to be independent. Students will learn to take turns, listen and follow directions while practicing preschool readiness activities as well as basic gymnastics skills. Gymnasts in this class will learn to jump, roll, swing and more on all of the gymnastics equipment as well as having fun on trampolines and foam pits!

Superstars (Invite Only)

4-6 yrs

Students ready for this class will have shown skill readiness as well as the ability to focus beyond what is expected at their age.  Superstars will focus more on skill training while still implementing fun into the class.

Hot-Shot (Invite Only)

4-6 yrs

A class for young girls who show basic skills which ready them for a higher level of gymnastics.  In an 85 minute class, athletes will work on skills needed to have a strong foundation on the 4 gymnastic events.  These young talented girls will move to our in-house team following their mastery of skills in Hot Shots.

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