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Name: Kaitlyn Gray

Parents: Trevor and Lori Gray

Coaches: Robin Huff and Michelle Grewe

Age: 16

Graduation Year: 2021

GPA 4.0

ACT/Sat Scores: 31 ACT

Woodford County High School

Name: Grace Hayslett                 

Parents: Robert and Kris Hayslett

Coaches: Robin Huff

Age: 17

Year/Graduation Year: 2019

GPA: 3.8

ACT/SAT scores: 26

School: Paul Laurence Dunbar High School 

Academic Interest 


Vault - Yurchenko Pike 

        Upgraded - Yurckhenko layout 

Uneven Bars - Kip + squat on; KCH 1/2 + overshoot; KCH + free hipcircle to handstand + toe-on to handstand; kip + squat-on; KCH + giant + giant + double tuck dismount 

        Upgraded - Giant 1/2, shaposh

Balance Beam - Flip flop + back layout step out ; switch split leap + back tuck; full turn; roundoff + back layout 1/1 dismount

        Upgraded - Triple series

Floor Exercise - Roundoff + flip flop + back layout 1.5 + front pike; switch ring leap + wolf jump 1/1; FHS + front laying; FHS + front layout 1/1: double turn 

        Upgraded - Back layout 2/1, double tuck, front layout 1/1 + front tuck 


Vault – Yurchenko Layout

        Upgraded - Yurchenko Layout Full

Bars – Long hang kip – kip handstand – blind – Tkatchev – Bail handstand – kip to squat- kip hand stand – blind- full – half in half out

Beam – Front handspring to back tuck, kick flip, switch leap-double stag ring, beat jump straddle ¾, back Pike gainer off

Floor -1st pass: Double Pike

        2nd Pass: Front layout – Front layout full

        3rd Pass: 1 ½ Front layout

        Dance Combination: Switch ring- popa

Career Highlights 

2018 Level 9 Regional Qualifier

2018 Level 9 Regional Beam 10th Place

2018 Level 9 State 3rd AA, 2nd Floor, 3rd Beam, 3rd Bars, 3rd Vault 

2018 Derby Classic - 3rd Beam 

2018 Presidential Classic 2nd Bars 

2018 Ozone Invitational 1st Vault, 1st AA, 2nd Floor, 3rd Beam 

2017 Level 9 Regional Qualifier

2017 Level 9 State 2nd AA, 2nd Floor, 3rd Beam, 4th Vault, 4th Bars

2017 Level 9 Ozone Invitational 1st Beam, 4th Vault, 4th Floor, 4th AA

2017 Level 9 St. Louis Classic 1st Beam 

2016 Level 8 Regionals 5th AA, 3rd Bars, 5th Floor 

2016 Level 8 State 1st AA, 1st Floor, 2nd Vault, 2nd Beam

Career Highlights 

Level 8: State Qualifier- 6thFloor, 7thVault, Regional qualifier

Level 9: State Qualifier- 6thAA, 2ndVault and Beam

Level 10: State Qualifier


Name: Josephine Moylan           

Parents: Jennifer and Mike Moylan

Coaches: Robin Huff

Age: 14

Year/Graduation Year: 2023

GPA: 4.0

ACT/SAT scores: ACT: 25/SAT: 1160

School: Woodford County Middle School


Vault - Pike Yurchenko

       Upgraded - LO yurchenko

Bars - Pirouette bail, toe hand double back

       Upgraded - Ray, bail toe hand, double pike, clear hip HS toe hand HS, blind full

Beam – BHS BLS, switch leap tuck jump ¾, back tuck split jump, full turn, RO back LO full dismount

       Upgraded - RO full dismount

Floor – Full ½ punch front tuck, switch leap switch half, front full, double turn, front LO front pike

       Upgraded - Full ½ punch front pike, double pike, front LO front LO, front full front tuck, switch ring switch half

Career Highlights 

2018 Level 8 State Meet: 1st All Around, 1st Place Floor, 1st Place Bars, 2nd Place Vault 9, Regional Qualifier

2018 Level 8 Regionals: 1st Place Floor